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World Axis Trading Company (WATCO) is a firm specialized in the general field of lighting mainly in the high-end architectural lighting products. WATCO was established in 1995 and currently located in Khalda, Amer Bin Malek Street near the New English School.


Our services include designing and supplying lighting concepts and systems to revolutionize the current conception and understanding of lighting in Jordan and The Middle East. Over the years we have also expanded our services to comprise wiring accessories, home automation (KNX), public address, sound system, security + CCTV, Intercom earthing and lightning protection systems.


We comprehend the fact that each project should be suitable to needs and wants of our clients which include budget and design. Therefore, we propose and design the solutions that align our client's preferences and expectations. Our range of manufacturers and suppliers has been carefully selected to keep in mind criteria such as technology, quality, style, and price competitiveness.


Our main goal is to allow light to be appreciated in altering the image of architecture whether exterior and interior and to truly let people view lighting as architectural bling by living up to our slogan "Let there Be Light" in the most professional and honest manner. We believe in creating long lasting connections with our suppliers and clients by maintaining smart prices, prompt delivery, honor of warranties, after sales service.

We would love to be at your service regarding all your noteworthy needs and welcome you at our premises for further enquiries.

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