Our Brands

Manufacturer Name Product Descriptions Website
 qbo lighting - SPAIN <h2>We are dedicated to the production, manufacture and design of luminaries. We can provide customized solutions</h2> www.qboiluminacion.com
 vibia - SPAIN Vibia is a global architectural lighting company based in Barcelona. www.­vibia.­com
 TROLL - Spain www.ags-pmc.com
 Lumascape - Australia www.lumascape.com
 Roger Pradier - France www.roger-pradier.com
 ACB - Spain www.acbiluminacion.com
 Aldabra Emeride - Italy www.aldabra.it
 AEC - Italy www.aecilluminazione.com
 SIMES - Italy www.simes.com
 Italamp - Italy www.italamp.com
 Reggiani - Italy www.reggiani.net
 Emergi-Lite - UK www.emergi-lite.com
 Helvar - UK www.helvar.com
 Feilo Sylvania - UK/ Belgium www.feilosylvania.com
 XAL - Austria www.xal.com
 ERCO - Germany www.erco.com
 JUNG - Germany www.jung.de
 TRILUX - Germany www.trilux.com
 MEYER - Germany www.meyer-lighting.com

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